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On the very edge of known space, a Faros mining and Orientation Station quietly collected thread fuel from singularity DS111182. It has gone unnoticed by all beyond its crew since its construction many years ago. After years of going unnoticed, it has suddenly become the subject of intergalactic attention. On stardate 2458180.5, the station sent out a warning and call for help.  An ancient ship of unknown origin was approaching, and they had little defense of their own. The Maithe and the Sidhe selected members from their own orders to uncover the history of this ship, but when they arrived, the secrets were darker than they had ever imagined.

Journey into the Annapurna Galaxy, where two secret orders have lived for generations, controlling a strange power known as the Source. Once powerful, they were forced into hiding by the Galactic Consortium. The Maithe value discipline, authority, and law above all else, while the Sidhe value self-improvement and evolution over cooperation and harmony. Which will you choose? What will be your personal legend?

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What is happening?

Legends of the Stars is a three-day event. Youth will be dropped off on Friday evening and picked up on Sunday afternoon, with a full day of in-game activity in between. Meals are served at 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 6:00 PM. The nighttime activities end when the players have completed the modules for the night, or when it is time for bed.

Where is this event?

The location of Legends of the Stars is the most unique location we use out of all of our youth and adult events. To capture the feeling of being on board a spaceship, the event takes place on a real ship- the USS Salem in Quincy, MA. The Salem is an incredible ship, a heavy cruiser built during World War II. At Legends, we utilize the whole of the ship, from the upper decks to the labyrinthine rooms and passages down below. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

You can learn more about the USS Salem here.

What kind of combat system is used?

We are using a Nordic LARP model, a larger scale and fully immersive theater LARP common in Europe and increasingly popular here in the States. As such, there are no skills or attributes, no hit points or damage. Once we get to the game, it's about role playing and story. Even the combat is done in a theater style without a built-in resolution mechanic outside of player improv. We do have systems to create drama with weapons, as well as a choreographed lightsaber mechanic to decipher who wins the fight, but we focus more on creating dramatic scenes and exploring emotional moments than winning a physical battle. In our workshops, we have found this to be very successful.

What are the sleeping arrangements? How are they supervised there?

On the USS Salem, youth will be sleeping on canvas bunks in the historic sleeping quarters of the ship. It can get pretty cold on the ship, and they are encouraged to bring plenty of warm sleeping gear, such as winter sleeping bags and extra socks. They are grouped by age and gender, and are supervised by a counselor. Counselors stay with the youth all day long and participate in the role playing alongside them, forming close bonds with the youth. Most youth identity their counselors as their favorite staff members by the end of the event.

For more information, head to our event FAQ page HERE!

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All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine.