Ye Olde Commons IV:
Passage of Dominion's Myth

07/17/2016 - 07/29/2016

For years, the heroes of Annwyne have only ever focused on survival. At first, the world was on the brink of destruction, narrowly avoided through great sacrifice. When the heroes emerged from this darkness, they could only give attention to their new home - the Forlork Fortress - and the needs of its people. The threats were many and the challenges were daunting. But as the years have passed, a looming question emerges on the forefront of every heroes' mind. When the Great Conjunction shook the planet to its very core, who or what survived?
Did the mighty towers of Lacore fall to the monstrous hordes? Did the icy refuge of Arundel succumb to the threats from the North? Did the deserts of Eldrania swallow the once cradle of civilization? Or did endless war finally bring an end to its last shreds of hope? And what of the hallowed halls of Lienterria? The seemingly impenetrable walls of Seleukos? Our heroes come from far and wide, but few bring hope for families and friends left behind.
Now pressure from within and without have forced the hands of the heroes to answer these very questions They will have to learn to harness the power of the Fortress to explore the far reaches of Etheraz and only a fool could hope for a friendly welcome.