Throughout the world of Etheraz, there are a series of Vaults that the Heroes must break into, discover its secrets, and defeat the evil lurking within. These events often contain “flashbacks,” where the players delve into the memories of another character in Etheraz. This enables the players to explore the history of the game and interact with the past of their favorite heroes and villains. Within the Vaults, there are secrets to uncover, a past to discover, and untold mysteries that will unfold before the players… if they can find them.

This event focuses on tactics. Within the Vaults, it’s important to strategize with your fellow players and form a battle plan so that you can succeed. Past Vaults events have involved a variety of different mechanics, unique puzzles, and complex battles designed to challenge the players and encourage them to think outside of the box. Our Vaults events explore the game mechanics of LARP in more depth than any of our other events.

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