Legends of the Stars Run 2 - Freedom (Youth and Teen)


Legends of the Stars Run 2 - Freedom (Youth and Teen)

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Legends of the Stars is an international sci-fi larp set in a decaying universe brimming with injustice, broken promises and a quickly fading hope that somewhere, in the farthest reaches of space, there is still freedom to be found. You will be part of a desperate team of researchers - uniquely talented prisoners and the struggling crew sent to oversee them - on a race against time to unlock the mysteries of an ancient, abandoned vessel and maybe, just maybe, earn your freedom.

Set on the USS Salem, a WWII-era heavy cruiser, Legends of the Stars is a 2-day full immersion larp, inspired by the Nordic larp genre. It is an event about dramatic stories, intense conflict and the hard choices that people make in desperate situations.

This event is intended for middle school and high school participants. Ages 10-18

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In a galaxy far, far away....

Legends of the Stars is an international sci-fi larp set in a decaying universe brimming with injustice, broken promises and a quickly fading hope that somewhere, in the farthest reaches of space, there is still freedom to be found. You will be part of a desperate team of researchers - uniquely talented prisoners and the struggling crew sent to oversee them - on a race against time to unlock the mysteries of an ancient, abandoned vessel and maybe, just maybe, earn your freedom.

Set on the USS Salem, a WWII-era heavy cruiser, Legends of the Stars is a 2-day full immersion larp, inspired by the Nordic larp genre. It is an event about dramatic stories, intense conflict and the hard choices that people make in desperate situations.

This event is intended for middle school and high school participants. Ages 10-18

Image of actual site of event

Image of actual site of event

March 1st to the 3rd at the USS Salem - Episode II - Freedom

The Galactic Consortium is at war. The rebels in the Long View System, far outside of the reach of the central government, struck swiftly and forcefully against their once oppressors. But their attack failed. Their Daoine allies have fallen, abandoned by the retreating rebels and torn apart by internal divisions. As punishment for their rebellion, the Galactic Consortium has deemed their unnatural and archaic cults as treasonous and illegal.

For the safety of all of humanity, the Daoine have been incarcerated in a high-security prison ship, the Tilicho, far from the galactic center. Those who newly demonstrate a connection to the Source are forced to suppress their powers, or live their lives in fear of persecution and death. Having developed new technologies to suppress the powers of the Source and render the Daoine powerless, the Galactic Consortium has declared total victory over their former enemies.

But one challenge remains to the complete hegemony of the Galactic Consortium - the now dormant Daoine relic ship that sparked the rebellion so many years ago has refused all attempts to control and dismantle its systems. Over the years, the state has managed to isolate the vessel on the edge of government-controlled space, far from any potentially malicious actors. After much consideration, the Galactic Consortium has decided to send an expeditionary shuttle from the Tilicho filled with Daoine inmates under the watchful eye of an appointed warden and his crew. Their mission - to study the ship, unlock its secrets, and weaponize it in the name of the state. Their reward, should they survive - freedom.


What will inspire you?


Though an original world conceived by the community behind the larp, Legends of the Stars recognizes and honors its many influences - Star Wars, Dune, Battlestar Galactica, Cowboy Bebop, The Expanse, Dark Crystal, many more. An important part of every experience in the Legends universe are the real stories of the USS Salem and its crew. We honor the memory and stories of those who served, exploring the past through the lens of a possible future.

Design Pillars

Legends of the Stars is a larp that explores themes of freedom, guilt, vulnerability, desperation, and the loss of power. It looks into a future where humanity is fading under the rule of a faceless, heartless hegemony and asks what can be salvaged from the ruins. At its core, this larp is about three things:

·       It’s about an ancient ship and the mysteries it contains.

·       It’s about humans facing their own mortality.

·       It’s about what can be found when empires fall, but their remnants remain.

Who will you become?

You can play as...

A Daoine, a high security threat - imprisoned due to your innate connection to a mystic source of power that few understand. You once belonged to a sacred temple where you practiced your mystic arts, in defiance of the powerful Galactic Consortium, but your people face persecution out of fear of the threat you may pose to the state. Your assignment to this mission will give you an opportunity to leave the cage they locked you in all those years ago, and seek answers from a relic of your own past.

As a Daoine player, your experience is about discovering ancient mysteries, facing moral quandaries with galactic implications, and reclaiming your personal power. The central narrative will be influenced directly by the organizing team, but ultimately led by the Daoine players. Organizers will be available during the course of the game to consult with and help move your individual stories in the directions you desire.A detailed character sheet will be written ahead of the game, based on your content and play preferences.


You can play as...

A crew member, a pawn of the state - hired to supervise the Daoine prisoners and maintain the ship’s operational capacity. You come from all walks of life and find yourselves in diverse roles -  janitors, guards, technicians, shuttle pilots - unified in your desire to escape the tightly regimented societies you came from. Although you remain under the close surveillance of the state, this mission is a chance to explore that which you’ve never had before - a taste of freedom and a trace of hope.

As a crew player, your experience is about being powerless in the crossfires of galactic war, facing your mortality and finding comfort (or not) in one another. You will be a part of the central narrative, but you won’t have the agency to change the universe - only to influence your own life and the lives of those around you. Your experience is self-guided and collaboratively driven by your fellow players, rather than the organizers. A simple character sheet will be written ahead of the game with much room for you to further develop, based on your content and play preferences.




The United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum & U.S.S. Salem
551 South St, Quincy, MA 02169

The United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum lets you experience life on board what was once one of the Navy's most powerful class of cruisers in the world. The USS Salem CA-139 is now the worlds only preserved heavy cruiser.  She is moored at her birthplace, the former Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Structures include the entire ship and it's museums, private access museum after hours, private access for the entire event to Ward Room with electricity and heat, Training Room, Library and Bath with toilets and with running water.  While at the event the museum is open to the public during the day but restricted from our private areas.

Where will you go?

To capture the essence of the claustrophobic and awe-inspiring character of a vessel of war, the event takes place on a real military ship - the USS Salem in Quincy, MA. Built at the end of the second World War, the USS Salem served for ten years as flagship of the U.S. 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean and 2nd Fleet in the Atlantic. In October of 1994, the USS Salem made its way home for the last time, to its birthplace in Quincy. Now the centerpiece of the U.S. Naval and Shipbuilding museum, it has inspired countless generations with the stories of its service and long-standing tales of the ghosts that haunt its decks. As a part of the Legends experience, you will have access to almost all of the ship - from the captain’s bridge all the way down to the engine rooms and CIC.


On sleeping. You will be sleeping on canvas bunks in the historic sleeping quarters of the ship. Participants will be responsible for bringing their own sleeping linens, pillows, sleeping bag, or even a cot or camping mattress, if preferred. Though the sleeping area will be heated, the USS Salem can get quite cold and you are encouraged to bring many layers and additional warm sleeping gear to regulate your personal comfort.

On restrooms. Private bathroom and restroom facilities are functional on the ship and will be reserved for Legends of the Stars participants. Though there are facilities throughout the ship, it is often a few minutes’ walk to the nearest bathroom. Part of the orientation and workshops will include identifying these facilities and showing the clear paths from the sleeping quarters to the nearest facilities.

On meals. Catered meals will be provided by the event for all participants, with plenty of options for vegetarian diets. While the organizing team will strive to accommodate other dietary restrictions, it cannot guarantee adequate coverage or allergen certification for catered meals. If you have a specific dietary need, please inform the organizing team and consider bringing along personal snacks and protein sources to ensure you can remain well-nourished during the course of the event. Drinking water will be available at all times, throughout the ship.


On accessibility. While we are committed to creating an event that is accessible to as many interested people as possible, we must face the realities of our setting.

There are no functioning elevators anywhere on the USS Salem and almost all doorways have high lips that make wheelchair use all but impossible. Staircases are steep and require participants to grip railings. Traveling between levels and through certain passageways require caution and can be challenging even for those with full mobility. Even the sleeping areas require a certain mobility to climb into bunks, though there are many ways to address sleeping accommodations.

While we do not want to discourage anyone from participating in this event, we want to have an honest discussion with potential participants who may find the physical setting of the LARP a barrier to their experience. If you feel this may be the case for you, please contact us before committing to a ticket. We will do the very best we can to accommodate your needs.

When will you join us?

Legends of the Stars takes off on March 1-3 2019. Will you join us onboard for an unforgettable larp experience?

Arrival and Departure:

Event check-in will be on Friday March 1st, at 8:00pm. to 9:00pm. Late arrivals may have to wait to be check-in by staff members and are not encouraged.

Event check-out will be on Sunday, March 3rd, at 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Late departures may be charged late fees at the discretion of the check-out staff.

Included in every ticket:

·       A three day larp experience aboard the USS Salem, an historic WW2-era heavy cruiser, including access to almost all of the ship’s facilities.

·       Briefings and workshops for three hours prior to the event, optional debrief following the event.

·       Catered meals with plentiful vegetarian options from Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast.

·       Science fiction inspired scenography, interactive stations, props and special effects.

·       Shared bunk in heated sleeping quarters, including choice of upper / lower and extra storage bunks.

·       Individually written character based on content and play preferences collected via character survey.

Fundraiser for this Event - The Big Ask

Where does your ticket resources go?

Where does your ticket resources go?

This event was a huge hit last year that changed the lives of participants and volunteers. Volunteers have been working year round to develop this larp for the community. LARP Adventure Program, or LAP, has been investing and developing Sci Fi larps to host at the USS Salem for youth since 2008, designing the world, writing characters and building props and costumes. LAP has been doing all of this without return or profits. LAP is an Education and Entertainment LLC that works with many non-profits with a goal to create communities and amazing educational experiences. Getting access to the USS Salem requires many resources as one can imagine. Last year the USS Salem discounted rental rates by 70%. This year with increased electricity, oil and other costs and resources the USS Salem can no longer offer us this discount. These expenses compounded with catering, insurance and transportation costs increases have put a big ask of our community to run this event. This challenge is in addition to the 382% costs increase to LAP over the last years. Some of these costs are travel costs, transport rentals, meals, office operations, storage, equipment management, etc. These expense exist without any staff being paid or compensated for personal resources used, nor the endless hours each week leading up to the event to run it. We have a big ask. In order to run this event we will need to sell 17-20 PC tickets just to get access to the site and feed folks, in addition for basic child care professionals to be on site for the weekend making minimum compensation. If we can sell more than 20 tickets then we can bring on more staff who have been trained by LAP to help run the event and making its production at the level it was designed for. We ran this events for adults in November and it is breathtaking and a Blockbuster experience. We want your youth to experience this as well. If we can not sell enough tickets to run the event all tickets will be refunded.

Ways you can help

  • Purchase a Generous Ticket: Get a new special character made just for you! Receive one of a kind handmade Legends of the Stars Props and/or accessory to take home with you. Get all Three Legends of the Stars Challenge Coins (Dark, Light and Galactic Consortium). Get a picture with the staff signed by game designers. Get accessorized by LAP Monster Camp for event. Start game with access to secret equipment stashes. Get earlier access into the game before standard players. Get secret source mod after hours.

  • Donate: Donate money to LAP to Run the Event and off set costs for site rental and Catering. We can expect checks or monies sent through paypal to larpadventureprogram@gmail.com

  • Do you cook?: Offer to Cater the Event for Participants, Staff and Volunteers to off set over all project costs. All food must be made off site and brought onsite.

  • Help us Move Equipment: Do you have a moving van or box truck, offer to provide equipment transport for this event to and from.


Generous Ticket for Middle & High School Student Source User SPC and Thank You Package (see above)

·       Standard Registration valid January 8st to February 15th - $525.00

High School & Middle School Source User PC = Playing the Danann / Source Sensitive Space Wizard

·       Standard Registration valid January 8st to February 15th- $370.00

High School & Middle School Ship Crew PC = Playing Milesian /Space Station Crew or Space Ship Crew

·       Standard Registration valid January 8st to February 15th - $320.00

High School NPC = Playing Crew of the Relic Ship

·       Standard Registration valid January 8st to February 15th - $180.00

All payments must be made through our online storefront here. If you are in need of special payment arrangements, please contact the office at larpadventureprogram@gmail.com ASAP. All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine!

Required Forms

If participant is not already a member, please fill out appropriate Membership Form and pay the membership fee here. If this is the participant's first event with L.A.P., you may also apply for a waived fee for this event only.

All participants must fill out an Event Registration Form. It will launch automatically when you add this product to your cart.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the team behind this project?

Legends of the Stars originated as a project concept between Eric Love and Alexis Moisand in late 2015, under the umbrella of the LARP Adventure Program production house, which specializes in youth larp programs in the greater Boston area. Since then, dozens of committed volunteer organizers and helpers have contributed to building this project into what it is today. Though many originated from the staff and community members of L.A.P., the Legends community has taken on a life of its own. The world of Legends of the Stars takes place in the Faros Universe designed by Eric Love and Evan Driscoll from 2008-2011. Love and Driscoll ran four Faros on events on the USS Salem during this time.

For the March 2019 event, the leadership team will consist of Eric Love (Volunteer Producer), Eli Flinn (Director), Jessica Hone (Writer). A full list of organizers and helpers is available upon request. All staff members are CORI/SORI checked and have 4+ years of LARP experience with First Aid, CPR, CERT, and more among them. For further information on staff, see here.

How does this all work?

After you purchase your ticket, our team will reach out to you and begin the character creation process. Soon enough, the writing team will carefully craft a character just for you. As we get closer to the event, a guidebook, code of conduct, event schedule, design philosophy and further information on the universe will be released.

By the time the event arrives, you will be ready to bring your character to life! Friday afternoon, everyone will arrive on site and begin workshops to acquaint the participants, with the game and with each other. Come Friday evening, you will have begun your journey into the Legends of the Stars universe and the larp will continue until late Saturday evening. On Sunday, we will debrief and pack up to leave the ship by early afternoon.


What kind of combat system is used?

The larp uses an integrated model to represent combat that takes inspiration from the Nordic larp tradition, Southern Way larp techniques and theatrical combat. There are no skills or attributes, no hit points or damage. When the larp begins, the focus will be on roleplaying and story, with combat serving as one of many tools to advance those stories.

A combat system will be workshopped prior to the beginning of the larp that aims to create drama in weapon exchanges, including a semi-choreographed lightsaber mechanic to communicate non-verbally during combat. However, the focus will always be on creating dramatic scenes and exploring emotional moments, more so than winning a physical battle. Further details will be released in the weeks leading up to the event.