Staff Biographies

Our diverse staff here at LARP Adventure Program come from a variety of professional backgrounds. They possess skills and specialties across the broad range of activities that take place in our programming. All of our staff are working professionals with clear organizational responsibilities and purposes, whether they are members of the leadership staff, core staff, or auxiliary staff. However, they also participate of the same rank system that our youth participate in. In that way, they are instantly connected to the youth and share a community responsibility beyond their position with L.A.P. Thus, all of our staff are identified by both their rank and their positions within the program.


Leadership Staff

Eric Love

Eric Love

Eric Love - Director and Founder

Head Instructor

An award-winning professional artist in the fine and performing arts, Eric has been teaching art, music, technology, science, theater, martial arts, and self-development for the last two decades. Starting in 2002-2005 with the Fine Arts Museum of Springfield MA, Eric has been developing the curriculum behind LARP Adventure Program for well over a decade. From 2006 onwards, Eric began teaching his curriculum in the Metro Boston area until formalizing the organization in 2012. Presently, Eric serves as L.A.P.’s director, for programming and development.

Having attained his B.A. in Fine Arts at Bradford College, Eric has achieved an M.Ed. in Community Arts at Lesley University. In addition he is an initiated cultural leader in multiple traditions, and holds five black belts in the Bagwa-Chung, Kendo, Aikido, Karate, and Kempo schools of martial arts. His certifications include QPR Leadership, CERT-Safe, Mandated Reporter, First Aid/CPR and other cultural leadership certifications.

Eli Flinn

Eli Flinn

Eli Flinn - Director of Events and Lead Educator


Involved in the program for over ten years as a volunteer and staff member, Eli has achieved the rank of Instructor and leads the Evenda (Arlington), Arundel (Belmont), and Zelmore (Winchester) schools of L.A.P. as a leadership staff member. In addition, he heads our safety department, managing our medical staff and the diverse medical needs of our youth population. A talented visual artist and musician who worked for many years at the Arlington Center for the Arts, Eli brings a strong crafting curriculum and inspires students to affirm their independent identities.

Following his graduation from the local Arlington High School, Eli has dedicated himself to professional training in the medical field. Among his certifications are First Aid/CPR instructor, and CERT Safe.


Core Staff

Kenzie Schoenthaler - Event Field Mech and LARP Games Coach 


Kenzie began as a student in the program in 2007, and after graduating high school in 2014, he has achieved the rank of Instructor. Now, Kenzie regularly teaches at the Arundel (Belmont) program and is also chiefly responsible for the direct operation of our C.I.T. youth at events, with support from the leadership staff. Bringing prior experience teaching at youth arts organization and a full perspective of the L.A.P. program, Kenzie excels at many of the core curriculum tenets of our program. In addition, he is a model for students interested in physical fitness and survival skills, having completed a solo biking trip across the United States in under two months.

At this time, Kenzie will be graduating from Lesley University in May 2019 with a degree in Biology and Earth & Environmental Sciences. In addition, he holds multiple medical certifications including First Aid/CPR and CERT Safe. He has been trained as an EMT and a Wilderness EMT.

Tess LaValley - Event Writer/Scenographer

Portal Grade
Tess began as a student in 2009. Since then, she has proven her skills as a writer and scenographer, writing the 2018 Girls Event: Union under Shadow as her Portal grade requirements, and acting as scenography head for Ye Olde Commons 2018. She is currently training for the rank of Instructor She graduated from Arlington High School in 2016 and is currently enrolled in Boston University as a History and Religion major. Her minor in Mythology provides her with unique insight when writing LARPs. She has taught at all of our locations, does summer camps at all locations, and currently assists whenever needed.

Nicki Bauman - Logistics Head

Portal Grade
Nicki joined LAP as a student in 2009. She graduated from Arlington High School and is currently enrolled in Wheaton for Education and English.  Her experience with teaching helps her support and relate to our youth. She takes on a leading role within LAP, directing the Girls Event 2018 and heading our weekly Logistics club. She is a QPR gatekeeper instructor, EMR certified, and First Aid/CPR certified. She has taught at all of our locations, and teaches summer camps at all locations.


Auxiliary Staff

Naomi Torres-Ortiz - Director of Event and Camp Youth Activities

Head Counselor

Naomi began volunteering with LARP Adventure Program in the fall of 2013 before formally completing an Art Therapy internship with us in the summer of 2014. With her skills as both a studio artist and an educator, she continued to serve as a counselor and eventually as Head Counselor for our entire summer residential experience. Passionate about youth work and multiculturalism through the arts, Naomi graduated in May of 2016 with a B.A. in Art Therapy from Lesley University. She is currently works at Lowell Public Schools and Lesley University.

Ben Bisogno - Director of Event and Camp Youth Activities

Head Counselor
Ben began working with LAP in 2015. He often acts as head counselor, along with Naomi, at our camps and events. He is a skilled performance artist, bringing a unique sense of whimsy and drama to any scene he is in. Ben has played many of the campers’ favorite characters over the years, making every interaction memorable. He is certified with First Aid and CPR.

Ian Hopeman - Event Staff


Currently in his tenth year with LARP Adventure Program, Ian began his time with L.A.P. watching and observing events and classes. He became a student the next year and after seven years in the program he achieved the rank of Instructor in July 2017. Using his background as a leader at L.A.P. before becoming an instructor, Ian helps to organize marshals and students at our events with support from leadership staff. Having trained as a state ranked athlete, Ian uses this knowledge to help with aspects of physical fitness in the curriculum, notably in martial arts.

At this time, Ian is pursuing a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Aerospace Engineering at Boston University. He currently balances his full course load with weekly teaching at the Evenda (Arlington) school.


Evan Driscoll

Evan has been with the LARP Adventure Program since 2002. He has been writing, consulting, and orchestrating the plot in recent years, as well as NPCing weekend events.

Alexis Moisand

Coming from background of costuming, creative writing and improvisational acting, Alexis brings depth and personality to any NPC he plays. He also consults for LAP on matters such as business and marketing.

Jenn Hone

Jenn is a familiar face around Monster Camp, having been with the program since 2013 as an NPC, an experienced actor coming from a theater background. They’re also a skilled makeup artist, and have even sewn costumes for the program.

Drew H.

Drew brings valuable experience as a theater technician to our LARPs, bringing the plot to life with lighting and scenography. Drew also brings a great sense humor to NPC roleplay scenes.

Dori Schendell

Dori represents Nexus Catering, which is what keeps all of us going! LARPing is hard work, and Dori makes sure that we’re all fed at events. Cooking is not her only skill, however, as Dori was one of the writers for Legends of the Stars: 2. She also runs her own LARPs with Nexus Elements.

Lobo Love

Lobo is a dog with noble lineage, a descendant of the dogs cast as “dire wolves” on Game of Thrones. His responsibilities include eating cheese, playing, and making everybody smile. He enjoys belly rubs and ham.