Signing Up for Classes


Welcome to LARP Adventure Program! Our first community principle is inclusion, so we are happy to hear that you have chosen to enroll in our programs! Heroes Academy or Marshals Academy are our independent after school programming. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to successfully register your youth for their desired classes!

Please note that all registration goes through our community partners, with the exception of the Evenda Marshals Academy HS LARP and So You Want to Be a Hero (SYWBH) classes.

If you are interested in signing up for any of our other programming, registration takes place through our community partners. For information on how to register, check out the following pages in the classes section of our website:

Middle School After School Programs:

How to Sign Up for Evenda Marshals Academy HS LARP or So You Want to Be a Hero (SYWBH)

Step One: Membership

All participants enrolling in programming with Evenda Marshals Academy HS LARP or So You Want to Be a Hero (SYWBH) must have a current membership for the present academic year. For all other classes see the bulleted list above!

Purchase a Youth Membership HERE.

Upon successfully ordering the membership via the online storefront, youth and their parent(s) / guardian(s) should fill out the online Youth Membership Form here. Please be as thorough and accurate as possible as, again, this is our primary source of emergency information.

Please Note: Academic years are defined as between September 1st – August 31st. Not only does this fulfill an important insurance requirement, this is also our primary method for collecting emergency information from participants. Because of this, it is important to fill out a new membership form each academic year, even if your youth has been with us in the past.

Step Two: Class Registration

All registration for after school and evening classes for the Evenda Marshals Academy HS LARP and SYWBH classes are processed through our online storefront in order to streamline registration and facilitate record-keeping. There are two separate ways in which we process payments – Recurring and By Session.

Recurring. Our preferred option, with recurring payments our ecommerce client automatically saves your card information and charges your card every session (two month period). As payments are automatic, this option is ideal for youth who are committed to certain classes for the full academic year and also carries a $25 per class per session discount from the regular price. For this option, go here to register for recurring classes.

By Session. Those who prefer to be individually responsible for signing up their youth session-to-session may sign up for By Session payments. No invoices will be issued and payments may be made at any time. However, in order for a youth to participate in a new session, payment must be receive prior to the first day of the session. Payments made after this time cannot be guaranteed to be processed in time and youth may not participate until the payment is processed. For this option, go here to process your registration by session.

Step Three: Attend Classes!

Your youth is now fully registered for classes and ready to participate! All they have to do is show up and have fun. We’re looking forward to having them!