Late Fees

For late pick-ups from program and events, we will be allowing a ten minute grace period after the end of the program or event at no charge. After those ten minutes have elapsed, we will charge $10 for every five-minute period that the youth is still with us. We assume that high school youth are allowed to leave programming by themselves unless told otherwise, but this is especially pertinent to events not local to Arlington.

For late payments, we will be incurring a fee of 20% of interest per month after the payment due date. In the event there is no due date posted, payment are due within 15 days of service. All event payments are due one week before event starts. All summer camps payments are due before registration closes. We highly recommend electronic payments over check by mail, as they are time stamped and recorded for both parties. 

We are always flexible to make payment plans as needed, please communicate with us before payments are due. All late payments without communications will be charged. Communication is key.