After-School Program Staff

The LARP Adventure Program is seeking to hire program staff for after-school programs who enjoy leading children in fun recreational activities while providing quality care. Program Staff will provide direct supervision for youth in classes from 4th to 9th grade in Arlington, Belmont, and Winchester. We offer classes on LARP skills such as martial arts, character creation, and boffer making, as well as regular Dungeons and Dragons sessions for youth. At the LARP Adventure Program, we pride ourselves on making a difference in people’s lives through LARP, and are seeking an energetic, enthusiastic educator to join our program.

Applicants are required to have a college degree or 4 years experience working with youth. Experience with LARP is recommended, but not necessary. Experience with theater, martial arts, or Outward Bound is also preferred, but not necessary.

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Essential job functions include:

  • Teaching classes to elementary and middle school-aged youth, including LARP Games, Character Creation, Boffer Making, Martial Arts, etc.

  • Engage with youth in a classroom setting for the entirety of the class period

  • Cleaning up classroom space when class is over

  • Attending bi-weekly staff meetings

  • Caring for LARP Adventure program equipment used in classes

To apply, contact us at


Youth Event Staff

Do you love to LARP? Do you enjoy role-playing with others, creating dramatic scenes, and bringing characters to life? How about engaging in simulated combat and playing evil villains? Do you want to create a magical experience for youth and make a positive impact on their lives? At the LARP Adventure Program, we produce LARP events for youth aged 9-17, and in order to run these events, we need NPCs!

The LARP Adventure Program is seeking to hire event staff on an event-by-event basis. Our yearly events include In the North, Hero’s Journey, the Girl’s Event, and Vaults. Learn more about our events HERE. The event staff would fulfill the role on Non-Player Character, or NPC.

Essential job functions include:

  • Engaging in lightest-touch combat using the LARP Adventure Program combat system

  • Role-playing with youth and improvisational acting

  • Setting up and cleaning up scenes, including lighting, props, and scenography

  • Loading and unloading LARP equipment on-site

  • Regularly attending weekly pre-event NPC meetings

  • Applicants must be able to physically engage in simulated combat and be able to lift and carry boxes and equipment up to 50 pounds.

To apply, contact us at