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Infection is a two-day survival LARP that takes place during and after the zombie apocalypse. It aims to answer the questions we often ask ourselves- when the world ends and society falls, who will you become? What lengths will you go to to protect yourself and your loved ones? And above all… will you survive?

Infection is the perfect LARP for someone who’s never done it before- the combat system is simple and easy to remember when there’s a zombie gnawing on your arm. Unlike our other LARPs, the world of Infection is based on our own, so new players won’t get lost in the story. If you’ve ever wanted to try LARP, but don’t know where to start, Infection is a great opportunity to try it out!

When the world ends and society falls, who will you become?


How does this all work?

After you purchase your ticket, you will fill out a form about the character you want to play. You can either play yourself after the apocalypse, or create an entirely new identity to explore. By the time the event arrives, you will be ready to bring your character to life! Players will arrive on Saturday afternoon, where they will be checked in by our staff. Once the LAP staff lays on the players, the game begins! You’re free to explore the site and interact with the various players and NPCs, forming alliances and gathering resources, ever-vigilant of the undying hordes roaming the forest. On Sunday, we will pack up to leave site by early afternoon.

What do I get with my ticket?

  • Tickets do not include transport to the location but we will try to help with those if needed.

  • Post-apocalyptic scenography, props and special effects to interact with in-game

  • Housing on Friday and Saturday night

Where is this event?

Our Infection events have taken place on various 4H and Scout campgrounds. We utilize the rustic cabins, overgrown trails, foreboding forest, and lack of creature comforts to immerse players in a cold, cruel post-apocalyptic world.

How do I create my character?

Before the LARP, players fill out a form online about what kind of character they would like to play. You can be anyone you want to be- a criminal escaped from prison, a doomsday preacher who predicted the end, a mad scientist looking for the cure, or just an average person trying to survive. You can be as detailed or as vague as you want to be. The information you give the writers allows them to entwine your character within the story- you never know if a long-lost family member or an old enemy will appear when you least expect it. When the game begins, you can bring your character to life.

What kind of combat system is used?

We use airsoft weapons, boffers, and physical roleplay to simulate combat. More information on combat can be found in our rule book.

Are meals provided?

Much like in the zombie apocalypse, you have to rely on yourself to stay alive. Participants are required to bring their own food, but are welcome to coordinate with others to bring dishes to share. Participants are encouraged to bring any equipment they need to store and prepare food, such as portable grills or camp stoves. In the past, players have cooked delicious meals on camp stoves and on campfires.

Where will I be sleeping?

Participants will sleep in uninsulated, unheated cabins on site. Depending on the location, cabins may be equipped with electricity. We recommend that you bring your own sleeping linens, pillows, sleeping bag, or even your own cot or camping mattress, if you prefer. It can get pretty cold, and you are encouraged to bring plenty of warm sleeping gear, such as winter sleeping bags and extra socks, or even electric blankets and space heaters. Headphones or earplugs are helpful- you never know if a bunk-mate will snore.


Our staff will not engage in combat with any player who is preparing food or eating, though they may engage in role-play. Fresh drinking water will be available at all times.

There will be dedicated out-of-game spaces available to all players at all times where participants can come to rest, have a snack, decompress, or speak to an organizer.

It will be possible to opt out of any part of the event at any time, and to return to the event, without any penalty to the player.

Everyone is welcome to play a character of any culture, gender, or sexual orientation. The beauty of LARP, after all, is that the fictional setting provides opportunities for a wide variety of characters.  The conflicts of the event focus on scarcity, the fall of society, alliances and enemies, and the cost of survival.


While we are committed to bringing together an event that is accessible to as many interested people as possible, we must face the realities of our setting.

Our Infection events take place on campsites with unpaved trails, rough terrain, and hills to climb and descend. Running through the woods with a zombie chasing you is challenging even for those with full mobility. Depending on the site, sleeping areas and communal buildings may be accessible only by stairs.

While we do not want to discourage anyone from participating in this event, we want to have an honest discussion with potential participants who may find the physical setting of the LARP a barrier to their experience. If you feel this may be the case for you, please contact us before committing to a ticket. We will do the very best we can to accommodate your needs.

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The event will include violence of various kinds, from arguments to murder. It may include threats, torture, or just plain interpersonal cruelty. Infection involves airsoft firearms, boffer weapons, strong language, sexual themes, and simulated drug and alcohol use. It will always be possible to opt out of any situation. Mechanics around violence and negotiating scenes are found in the rule book.

All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine.