Each winter, the Heroes journey into the North, the home of the Khans. Now, the lands of the Khans have become a Kingdom of Death. The tales of the refugees tell a story of death and destruction as the undead forces advance. At our In the North events, players explore themes of life and death, war and hardship- and hope. After the winter comes the spring. The North is dying- will the heroes be able to save it?

In the North is our winter event. This event is one of our most difficult and rewarding events, because of the challenges New England weather presents. Players traverse the woods in the ice and snow, fighting enemies and exploring Etheraz with an additional level of challenge. The frigid landscape provides a unique and beautiful setting for this event. It also makes the return to the tavern, with its crackling fire and hot cider, all the more inviting.


In the North is a winter event. Are cabins heated?

Depending on the location, our In the North events may or may not have heat in their cabins. In the past, we have had middle school youth sleep in a heated area, while high school aged youth have slept in unheated cabins. Cabins are equipped with electricity, so youth at past events have been quite comfortable with the use of space heaters, electric blankets, and warm sleeping bags. Regardless of age, if temperatures become too cold, we will move all youth into a heated location to sleep.
Depending on the location, we also might have a heated in-game “tavern” for youth to spend time in between outdoor modules. At event locations without a heated tavern, we have utilized space heaters to provide a warm and comfortable rest area for players. In the past, we have also had access to a fireplace and have made hot apple cider for participants.

For more information, head to our event FAQ page HERE!


All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine.