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At this event, the L.A.P. community explicitly celebrates our female members - the women and girls who contribute so much to the greater community. We choose to do this by extending the invitation to take part as a PC only to the female members of our community, while members of any gender are welcome and encouraged to attend as NPCs. As a radically inclusive community, we include all those who identify as female, regardless of birth designation, in this invitation.

Every year we are asked why we, as a community, feel the need to hold an event exclusively for our female members. After all, we don't hold a "boys event" during the year, right? Well, actually... we do. To this day, every event that we have run outside of our series of girls events have been "boys events" in that they are dominated by men and boys at every level of the event - from leadership to crunchies, from experienced participants to brand new players. While we hope that every event we host offers a welcoming and inviting space for those of all backgrounds and identities to participate, we also acknowledge the reality of the uneven gender ratio in our events and in our community.

To that end, we offer the girls events as the one guaranteed opportunity for the young women and girls in our community to have an event where they are not outnumbered, outranked or outvoted. The result has been some of the most unique and exciting events we have had each year. Our feedback and experiences each year - from members of all genders who attend - reinforce our strong belief in the benefit of this model of community celebration. Just as all our event formats are in a constant state of evolution and improvement, the girls event model changes from year to year, but the core values behind them remain the same - we encourage you to direct any questions or thoughts about this event to our leadership team and we will be happy to discuss them with you.



What is happening?

The Girl’s Event is a three to four-day event that takes place on a weekend in May. Youth will be dropped off on Friday evening and picked up on Sunday or Monday afternoon, with full days of in-game activity in between. Meals are served at 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 6:00 PM. The nighttime activities end when the players have completed the modules for the night, or when it is time for bed.

How many youth sleep in a cabin? How are they supervised there?

The campers are grouped by age and gender, and are supervised by a counselor. Because this is the Girl’s Event, there is generally a cabin for PCs that is all girls, and a cabin for NPCs and volunteers that purchase tickets for the event that are boys. There is always a counselor or a staff member easily accessible to the youth at any time during the night.

For more information, head to our event FAQ page HERE!

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All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine.