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Journey into the Dreamlands, a world where nothing is as it seems. Within your dreams, the days are filled with tropical sunshine and shimmering water, but what will emerge from the darkness when night falls?

The Dreamlands are a dimension that can only be found through the player’s dreams. We have taken inspiration from the work of  H. P. Lovecraft and invite players to visit a land much like Etheraz, but with some startling differences. During the day, our Dreamlands events are fun, quirky, treasure-seeking adventures on the beach. The ocean is dark and deep, and as night falls, the players interact with a distorted world where they can explore their own subconscious through LARP. At Dreamlands, we embrace flamboyant pirate flair and interact with the unsettling sea creatures that lurk within.



What is happening?

Dreamlands is a variable event, which could take place over the course of a weekend or a week. It is a lighthearted event where players journey into the realm of Dreams. Unlike some of our other events, such as In the North or Vaults, Dreamlands does not happen every year. When we run an Dreamlands event, we will post the registration in our store. Dreamlands events are conducted while camping with minimal resources.

Where is this event?

The location of our next Dreamlands will be posted in our Store. Our Dreamlands events vary in location, but one thing is consistent- wherever we go, we will be adjacent to a beach and a large body of water. In the past, we have even had islands to ourselves, and players could explore caves and ruins when they weren’t lounging on the beach. 

What are the sleeping arrangements? How are they supervised there?

At Dreamlands events, youth will be tenting. Whether they have their own tent or share with a friend, we recommend that they bring whatever they require to be comfortable, including sleeping bags, cots or bedrolls, and plenty of rope! The event will run rain or shine, so we encourage players to bring two tarps- one to lay underneath their tent, and one to hang above their tent, in order to stay dry. We will send out a comprehensive packing list via email prior to the event. First-time campers should contact L.A.P. ahead of time to get important information on necessary supplies and practices.

Youth will be camping in a designated player area. The adults camp a short distance away, and while they will not be camping with the youth, they are easily reached. They will check in with the players in the morning at breakfast, and before going to bed. The players camp in separate areas according to gender at this event.

Are there bathrooms on-site?

Depending on the location of the event, we may or may not have running water. If there are no bathrooms, we provide port-a-potties for your youth to use. In the event that there is no running water on-site, gallons of drinking water are provided by our catering service. 

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All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine.