Become a CIT for the LARP Adventure Program!

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At the LARP Adventure Program, we pride ourselves on the capability, maturity, and emotional intelligence of our members. In our CIT program, you’ll be working directly with our instructors to help run the day camps we offer to grades 4-9. Being a CIT at our day camps is an opportunity to learn from our instructors, expand your own skills, and take on a leadership role within the L.A.P. community. At the day camps, you might help run LARP games, teach martial arts classes, make props and boffers, and run workshops. If you’re ready to become a mentor in our community, take on more responsibilities, and encourage self-empowerment through creative play, consider becoming a CIT!

If you’re interested in becoming a CIT, contact us at

What is a CIT? What do they do?

A CIT is a Counselor In Training. Being a CIT with LARP Adventure Program is an extraordinary experience, with the potential for great personal and professional development. Our program aims to prepare teens for adulthood, college, and beyond. Participants work with youth through multi-generational learning, by CITing and working through community arts. This is a learn-by-doing approach, with guidance from our Instructors. The result is each of us, in our own unique way, learns how to be a community leader and navigate through life. You can explore your own moral compass, so that when you face challenges later in life, you can make informed choices based on your own perceptions and insight.

As a CIT, you’ll directly assist the instructors at the L.A.P. summer day camps, for all five days of the week. You’ll get special projects, exclusive training, hands-on experience, and most importantly, you’ll be helping an mentoring the youth attending the day camp. You’ll also begin the process to achieve the rank of Assistant Instructor following your graduation from the L.A.P. program.

L.A.P.’s day camps focus on the technical and tactical aspects of playing LARP. At the camps, youth will learn a variety of interdisciplinary skills, all while in multiple intelligence learning environments. We deliver our values of self-empowerment through a curriculum based on theater, martial arts, and the expressive arts. Day camps will run during consecutive week-long sessions throughout the summer, from early June to late August. Camp runs from 8:00 a.m. / 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. / 5:00 p.m. every weekday, with a field trip / local event one day of the week.

A typical day at day camp would be...

  • 9:00 a.m. Check In

  • 10:00 a.m. Morning Classes / Activities

  • 12:00 p.m. Lunch

  • 1:00 p.m. Afternoon Classes / Activities

  • 4:00 p.m. Pick Up

Being a CIT within this community requires serious responsibility of all of its members. All CITs, once accepted, need to commit to the full summer day camp CIT program on the weeks they are offered. All admission costs to such programming will be waived. Volunteer hours will be recorded and sent to the participant’s school, and recognition shall be given for their accomplishments with this leadership position.

One of the best parts about being a part of L.A.P. is not actually attending a LARP. It’s empowering others and encouraging them to empower themselves, bringing their stories come to life, and watching them achieve their own personal legends.

CIT Requirements Include:

  • Each CIT commits to their weekly class(es) for one full academic year.

  • Attendance at such classes are mandatory and non-emergency absences should be communicated with at least two weeks’ notice or as soon as possible.

  • CITs behave in an earnest and appropriate manner, in line with being a role model for the youth enrolled in their class.

  • CITs uphold the principles of the L.A.P. community and help instill these values in the youth that they will help mentor.

  • CITs come to class(es) dressed in appropriate attire, representing their rank and the ideal of how a Marshal should present themselves professionally.

  • CITs continuously strive for self-improvement and ask for help when needed.

  • CITs listen to the instruction of their supervisors and respect their position in the classroom.

  • CITs must be First and CPR certified, or be willing to achieve such certifications at the next available L.A.P. training.

  • CITs make decisions based on sound judgment and the needs of the individual, community and globe.

  • CITs must actively participate in a marshal program with the approval of their instructor. If not enrolled in a marshal program, CITs must hold the express permission of the L.A.P. core staff.

The CIT program provides the opportunity for great personal growth and experience for teens. This is often the first time a teenager will be in a mentor position within their community, not a student or a child. This is an empowering experience for any teen. They’ll volunteer with younger children and help them explore their creativity, build friendships, and achieve their own personal legends. Volunteering at the day camps provides great opportunity for personal growth, responsibility, and maturation. Not only is it a wonderful experience, this kind of volunteering will be a great addition to college applications and job applications in the future. Many of our instructors and assistant instructors were once CITs. They have become creative, mature, and responsible adults, and are valuable assets to our community.

If you’re interested in becoming a CIT, contact us at

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