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Legends of the Stars - Run 3

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If you could walk into your favorite book, play, tv show or movie. What if you could become your favorite character in this story. Then you discover that you could control all of their decisions, actions, direction, being able to influence the plot and outcome of the story in this fantastic world, living as they do. What would you do? What would you become?

We believe that imagination and play are paramount for the human experience. These qualities enrich communities that create exciting and awesome experiences . These experiences are the very thing that foster life and fantastic human interactions. We strive to create spaces year after year that do just that through immersive story experinces or live action role play.

What is an immersive story experience?

Immersive story experience, live action roleplaying, or LARP, is a collaborative and interactive theatre experience that allows the participants to plunge themselves fully into a different world or, even universe. With an array of costuming, props and scenography, the setting becomes the immersive backdrop for unique and astounding experiences.

What You Get

As a part of one unforgettable experience, you will receive the following for purchasing a ticket to the game:

  • Immerse yourself in the life of a character in the fantastical world of Legends of the Stars.

  • Represent a star system, a source faction, the ship crew, a smuggler operation, a scientific research team, and much more! Make decisions that will determine the fate of the universe forever.

  • Experience a unique and vast fictional universe, built specifically for this event.

  • Participate in workshops, committees and demonstrations as the event sets the stage for intergalactic experience in deep space.

  • Learn the powers of the Source within you, practice the ancient forms of personal combat, and unlock your full potential! Or perhaps dwell in dark dealing of the black market or investigate stage life forms. It's all up to you!

  • Make friends and allies, opponents and enemies in a world that responds entirely to your decisions.

What is Legends of the Stars

Legends of the Stars is a three- to four day immersive story experience inspired by the world of Star Wars. Legends of the Stars is a 18+ event.

The objective of Legends of the Stars is to create immersion, adventure, and self-exploration through a world inspired by the Star Wars universe. Fostering the joys of life through LARP and exploring the human experience through emotional experiences, crisis and collaboration.

In a world of space travel and alien civilization, what is your legend?

How does this all work?

After you purchase your ticket, our team will reach out to you and begin the casting process. Soon enough, you will be assigned a unique character concept and you will take agency over that character, changing them to suit your needs. As we get closer to the event, design documents and further universe information will emerge and details will become finalized.

By the time our weekend arrives, you will be ready to bring your character to life! Friday afternoon, everyone will arrive on site or at a pre site near by the ship and we will begin workshops to acquaint the participants, with the game and with each other. Come Friday Evening depending, you will have begun your journey into the Legends of the Stars universe and game will continue until late Saturday evening. On Sunday, we will debrief and pack up to get off the ship by early afternoon.


In the interest of full disclosure, we feel the need to state that the battleship is not a hotel. While the officer suites offer the opportunity for more conventional sleeping arrangements, participants should not be expecting all of the comforts of a standard hotel. 

In order to provide such an amazing and immersive space for you at this event, this was a necessary trade-off. But we think and hope that the 66% of your experience in the waking hours will far outweigh the 33% of your experience spent sleeping. 


Throughout the event, catering will be provided on board by Nexus Elements Catering in conjunction with LAP. Breakfast and lunch will be served buffet-style in a private function room aboard the ship, while dinner will be served in the main mess hall, for our exclusive use. 


You will be sleeping on the ships cots, or in some cases bunks, as the sailors once did. We recommend your own sleeping linens, pillows, sleeping bag, or even your own cot or camping mattress if you prefer. Head phones or noise canceling devices are helpful because some of us snore, as well as blind folds if your sensitive to light as safety lights are always on. 


You and all the other participants will have access to a private bathroom and shower. Remember this is a bathroom on the ship designed for sailors and efficient scheduling to maximize limited hot water. We will let you know how many shower stalls and shower will be available for you to the sleeping quarters you are assigned to. Please bring your own shower supplies, towel and flip flops or shower friendly foot wear.

What is the story of Legends of the Stars?


Episode II

Ghosts of Hope

In a galaxy far, far away....

Annapurna is an elliptical galaxy with a supermassive black hole at the core. There are around fifty billion systems orbiting the core in isolated paths. These systems are broken down into sectors by the Galactic Consortium. Near the core is mining station Innos the largest and most productive supplier of Thread Fuel. The capital planet of the consortium lays adjacent to this vital resource, on the world of Zerselt. No one member of the consortium controls this station.

The Galactic Consortium has been the rule of law for many generations. They have split the galaxy into sectors ruled by their post powerful members. It matters very little where one’s wealth originates. There are sectors ruled by ancient royal houses and others run by generational mega corporations. With the rise of this secular organization many of the old ways have been forgotten and pushed aside.

The orders of the Miathe and the Sidhe were once revered throughout the galaxy, but they are now considered by most as antiquities of the past. Powerful families once fought to send even their Milesian, or mundane, children for education with the Miathe or Sidhe. But now even the Danann, or Source sensitive, among them are hardly ever trained by the orders.

The Source is the voice of the universe. It is a song only the Danann can hear. The Maithe choose to hear the consonant sounds while the Sidhe focus on the dissonant chords. This is the core division between the two groups.

Those who use the Source divide its powers into five pillars. Healing is the ability to cure and soothe biological beings. Physical is the power to move a target with your mind. Protection is the ability to shield oneself and others with the Source. Mental is the power to manipulate others and turn their thoughts to your will. Relics are Source powered technology that is usually only useable by Danann. Most Danann focus in one to two of these pillars.

The temples and structure of the Danann orders are as different as the orders themselves. The temples of the Sidhe are spread out over known space. Some lay in areas not colonized by anyone else. These temples have varying and separate organizations. The Miathe temples are gathered much closer together and all look to their head temple for guidance.

There are many members of each order that do not have the gifts of the Danann. These Milesian members have a varying amount of respect from their Danann counterparts. It is a simple necessity to have those who can use standard technology with the same amount of skill as the Danann use the Source.

 There five main fields of technology that these acolytes specialize in. Engineers can repair, alter and build tools and devices to suit their needs. Scholars have specialized knowledge that gives them a unique insight and understanding of the mysteries they may encounter. Medics know all there is about keeping people, and what ever cybernetic systems they may have, going. Computer Techs can create, break or subvert any shield, trap, lock or other system that needs a computer to function. Finally Security experts are knowledge in all forms of combat, and armor to keep themselves and their friends alive.

Those who live in Annapurna have interstellar travel. With the help of specialized Herbert FP Drive they can move between systems in a moment’s time. It takes sixty three threads to make it from one end of known space to the other. The technology needs several days between each thread depending on the size and quality of the ship.

There are two types of navigation through known space; physical star mapping systems supported by the seven Orientation Stations, and Source driven relics. All those but the Miathe and Sidhe use standard systems. The Miathe and Sidhe do have personal relic ships that can only be piloted and used by the Danann.

On the very edge of known space Faros mining and Orientation Station quietly collects Thread fuel from singularity DS111182. It has gone unnoticed by all beyond crew since its completion many years ago. After so much time being ignored it is quickly gaining notice all across the galaxy.

Three days ago the station sent out a warning and call for help.  A large relic ship is approaching and they have little defense of their own.  On this station are a few loyal to the Miathe and Sidhe causes.  They too sent out a transmission calling for their orders to come and see this amazing artifact that is approaching the station at a fast pace.

These messages have reached both Orders, and in turn the Orders have selected members to go investigate this possible treasure.  You have been selected to investigate this phenomenon. .  With the help of your companions you will change the fate of the universe forever. What will you do? Will you take this secret power for your Order, or will it fall into the hands on your enemies?  Will the Galactic Consortium send a team to take what is rightfully Danann, or will this ancient ship be destroyed?



There are many different ways to experience Legends of the Stars and a small part of that had to do with the type of ticket you purchase. All participants who purchase the "Standard" ticket in our first ticket burst will be staying in an office's suite - rooms with proper beds shared between 4 or 12 people. In addition, we are offering a "Secret Order" ticket in which a group can purchase a slightly more expensive ticket to receive a private room in the officer's suite with a unique plot line to their group.

To purchase tickets go to our online store here!

On Accessibility

While we are committed to bringing together an event that is accessible to as many interested people as possible, we must face the realities of our setting. We have made admirable efforts to make the facilities accessible to visitors with physical disabilities and limited mobility, but there is a limit to how much can be made accessible on the historic vessels we use for our setting.

There are no functioning elevators anywhere on this site and almost all doorways have high lips that make wheelchair use all but impossible. Staircases are steep and require participants to grip railings. Traveling between levels and through certain passageways require caution and can be challenging even for those with full mobility. Even the bunk rooms require full mobility to climb to an upper bunk, though there are a limited number of bottom bunks available.

While we do not want to discourage anyone from participating in this event, we want to have an honest discussion with potential participants who may find the physical setting of the LARP a barrier to their experience. If you feel this may be the case for you, please contact us before committing to a ticket. We will do the very best we can to accommodate your needs.


Our Team

Is a community of experienced Producers, Writers, Directors, Designers and Project Managers, who have all made, imagination and play, a priority for community art platforms. As we get closer to the event, we will invite outside community aid to help create this amazing event for all. 

Eric Love will serve as Director of Legends of the Stars - Run 3. Masters in Education of Theater and an award-winning professional artist in the fine and performing arts, Eric has been teaching art, music, technology, science, theater, martial arts, and self-development for the last two decades. Starting in 2002, Eric has been developing the curriculum behind L.A.P. for well over a decade. From 2006 onward, Eric began teaching his curriculum in the Metro Boston area until formalizing the organization in 2012. He has led the organization ever since, notching countless high production youth and adult events under his belt.

Alison Love will serve as a Program Coordinator for Legends of the Stars - Run 3. Working with L.A.P. since its formal founding in 2012, Alison has grown with the organization to serve as its administrative lead. Putting her extensive LARP and events experience to use, she handles all of the logistical needs for L.A.P.'s productions and has helped support a wide variety of high production events.


Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the many interested folks, we've started collecting answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Do you have a Facebook Page?

Yes we do! You can check out the official Legends of the Stars Facebook Page here.

What kind of system is used?

We are running as a Nordic LARP model, a larger scale and fully immersive theater LARP common in Europe and increasingly popular here in the States.

As such, there are no skills and attributes, no hit points and damage. Rather, each participant receives a uniquely written character sheet that expounds upon the background and personality of that character and their home system.

From there, participants take over their characters and mold them to their own role playing desires. Once we get to the game, it's about role playing and story. Even the combat is done in a theater style without a built-in resolution mechanic outside of player improv (we workshop this and it definitely works).

What type of experience is this? What's the focus of role-play? What sort of character archetypes are expected?

Each person's experience is dependent on the style they pursue, so I've merged these two questions.

In the LARP, we create an open world environment for you to interact with - the setting of an intergalactic conference rife with factionalism and conflict. All characters will have their own goals and ideals - some suggested by the organizers, many decided on by the players themselves.

The opportunities are boundless, but we're expecting to see a lot of:

  • Politicians looking to reap reward for their system or themselves

  • Soldiers seeking to better understand the Source and the mysteries behind it

  • Faction members recruiting independent systems to their side or even converting opposing systems

  • Merchants scoring trade routes and arms deals, or even just a quick buck on a bounty

  • Curious minds wanting to know what really motivated this gathering and what secrets the faction leaders are hiding

  • Socialites out for a good time and a great party