When you delve into the Abyss, you never know what you’re going to find- This event is different from our other events, because it is not a LARP- it is a rite of passage. The players descent into the Abyss, where their Player Character is stripped away, and they participate in the event simply as themselves. While at this event, they will explore their emotions and projections on a deeper level than any of our other events. Abyss is truly intended to be our most challenging event, physically and emotionally. The players must not only endure the elements, but analyze their own behavioral patterns, look into the unknown, and come out of the event having grown as a person. It is a transformational experience like no other.


What is happening?

Abyss is a three-day event. Unlike some of our other events, such as In the North or Vaults, Abyss does not happen every year. When we run an Abyss event, we will post the registration in our store. Youth will be dropped off on Friday evening and picked up on Sunday afternoon, with one full day of activity in between. It is a winter event, and players should be prepared for all weather conditions. It is also our most emotionally intense event, and many find it to be the most rewarding and transformative event as a result. 

Is there a set bedtime?

Bedtimes can be set by parents prior to the event or at check-in, or they can be left up to youth. At Abyss events, we generally wake up earlier and go to bed later than at our other events. Youth are generally prepared to go to bed after the modules for the night have been completed.

Abyss is a winter event. Are cabins heated?

Youth are grouped by gender. Depending on the location, our Abyss events may or may not have heat in their cabins. In the past, we have high school aged youth have slept in unheated cabins. Cabins are usually equipped with electricity, so youth at past events have been quite comfortable with the use of space heaters, electric blankets, and warm sleeping bags. Regardless of age, if temperatures become too cold, we will move all youth into a heated location to sleep.

For more information, head to our event FAQ page HERE!

All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine.