Zelmore Heroes Academy



Time: 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Location: Acera School, 5 Lowell Road, Winchester MA
Description: Learn to be a hero at the Evenda Heroes Academy! You will learn how to discover and develop the hidden legend within as you learn the secrets to becoming a real life hero. Learn a hero’s values, perspectives, and discipline as you adventure through the fantastic world of Etheraz from the town of Zelmore and Avona's Keep.

An after school enrichment experience suited for middle school youth and open to all experience levels. Registration Coming Soon!

Contact: office@aceraschool.org or 781-729-3489


Our academic year curriculum covers different topics intrinsic to LARP activities and to the community arts. We're proud to say that our curriculum not only covers educational benchmarks for the theatre arts, STEM learning, multiple intelligence education and more, but we also foster an environment where youth can make life-long friends and build a community to call their own.

Character Creation – Make original heroes to play LARP, discover your own personal legend within.

Martial Arts for Self Confidence and Self Control – How to play the game with respect for one self and other.

DIY Projects – Build your own LARP gear, learn to think creatively and make solutions.

How to Play LARP – Rules and how to use your character abilities and have game play adequate.

Event Prep and Playing your Character - Time to celebrate for all your hard work and apply the skills you have learned.

Each year the student attends, their skills are further attuned to these foundational LARP and educational subjects. After three to four years of completion of classes and projects, students are encouraged to apply for our community arts leadership program called the Evenda Marshals Academy where youth learn how to host and run LARPs.

Acera Program Phone:  781-729-3489

Staff members at the Acera program will have a phone on site for all concerns during programming time. When you need to contact staff members while the Acera program is taking place, please use this number. All billing / attendance issues related to the Acera program should be directed to that number as well. For curriculum matters or anything related to events, please contact the L.A.P. office at 617-701-7583.

Event Fee

Each year we run a celebration adventure for each of our student years - 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year students, as well as our high school students. These events are run over the course of one weekend at our Heroes Journey Event in late April.  All those who attend curriculum classes are expected to attend these events as they are the culmination of all they have been learning during the academic year.

Details, including date and cost, will be released near the end of Fall.

Graduation Ceremony

Near the end of the school year in June, the entire L.A.P. community comes together for an inter-generational graduation ceremony. During this ceremony, students receive their certificates for completing the year's curriculum. In addition, student talents and accomplishments are showcased for all in attendance. We cordially invite all family members and friends of the youth receiving certificates to attend the event.

Details, including date and time, will be released near the end of Fall. There is no charge for attending the graduation ceremony.