LARP a big hit at Winchester's Saint Eulalia Parish

"After docking near Greece, the aristocrats found themselves in the midst of a raging battle, fighting desperately to protect the relic of Saint Eulalia and provide its safe passage to Jerusalem. But the highway men and bandits were ferocious.

Swords and shields darted through the night as screams pierced the air.

“HOLD!” said Ian Hopeman, a yellow bandana draped around his head.

The group of 30 or so children suddenly froze, put aside their aliases and came back to the real world to let a car pass. The children were not actually in Greece, but on a field just beside the parking lot outside the Saint Eulalia Parish on Ridge Street. Their swords were foam and their shields were homemade. Hopeman, a college student at Boston University, is an assistant instructor for the Live Action Role Play Adventure Program. And instead of a raging war, the children were having a blast at Saint Eulalia Parish’s LARP event..."

– Saint Eulalia Parish LARP Winchester Wicked Local News 

PHOTO GALLERY: Zombies Invade Arlington

"Reports say Ottoson Middle School is ground zero for a zombie outbreak that spilt into downtown streets and businesses.

Nearly 20 middle-schoolers fromwere reportedly infected as zombies and were spotted lurching around downtown Arlington..."

-2011 Zombie March Arlington Patch

Etheraz - Kingdom of the Flame, Fantasy Live Action Gaming for all ages, by LARP Adventure Program-Project, Figment 2012

"Etheraz & Space Odyssey X1: Have you ever wanted to seek treasure and un-cover secrets of the universe? Battle brutal bandits, gruesome goblins and unworldly undead and slay dragons? Find your way through the dungeon and claim the ancient treasure? Now you can in a interactive theater world armed with sword and sorcery..."

– LARP at Figment Boston Art Festival 2012