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 Discovery Your Personal legend

Discovery Your Personal legend

Our Marshals Academy is a transformational leadership program. Teens learn through, project development, immersive experiential arts, multiple literacies and 21st century methodologies. From group identity and community arts platforms this program acts as a rite of passage as well as a launch program for preparing teens for adulthood, college and beyond. We work with teens and there families to achieve these goals. Participants work with youth through multi generational learning by CITing and working through community arts with each other in leadership positions. This is a learn by doing approach with guidance. The result is each of us in our own unique way learn how to be a community leaders and navigate through life to reach our personal goals in such a way that supports our community and global awareness. Or, simply said, discovering ones own moral compass and sense of ethics. So that when one comes to face challenges later in life they have the ability to make informed choices based on their own uniquely developed multi lensed perceptions, logic and insights.  

In addition this program is unique in that it teaches methodologies, themes and narratives of live action role play. This is a school that focus on multi sensory, multiple intelligence communications and skills. We as many others, consider this to be the most efficient and empowering method for education, personal development and training. 


So You Want to Be a Hero Tuesdays

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Location: Robbins Library, 700 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476
Description: A high school program for students who want to take their community activism training to a higher level and eventually attain instructor status with L.A.P. Covers curriculum writing, teaching philosophy, classroom management, advanced L.A.P. curriculum techniques and personal development.

An evening enrichment experience suited for high school youth with an interest in leading and teaching others. Register here!


Curriculum Wednesdays

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Location: Arlington Senior Center, 27 Maple Street, Arlington MA 02476
Description: A high school program that employs project-based learning to teach individuals how to become active community members through transformational leadership through drama. We work with special event skills, personal and community health, self discovery through the community arts, old world traditions and community activism. We also cover some black belt curriculum to nurture mental and physical skills for self-actualization. Participants of this program are expected to work on community projects and hold themselves to a balanced personal moral standard.

An evening enrichment experience suited for high school youth and open to all experience levels. Register here!

Contact: or 617-701-7583


Our academic year curriculum runs for 5 sessions, with each session lasting two months. Sessions run from September to the end of June. Each session covers a different topic intrinsic to LARP activities and to the community arts. We're proud to say that our curriculum not only covers educational benchmarks for the theatre arts, STEM learning, multiple intelligence education and more, but we also foster an environment where youth can make life-long friends and build a community to call their own.

Session 1 - Sep and Oct: Initiations and Goal Setting - Bring new community members into the fold and set goals for year; Sensory Curriculum - How to use the five senses to create dramatic and intentional theatre. 

Session 2 - Nov and Dec: Sensory Curriculum - How to use the five senses to create dramatic and intentional theatre.

Session 3 - Jan and Feb: Sensory Curriculum - How to use the five senses to create dramatic and intentional theatre; First Aid, CPR, CERT and ICS - Organizing a team to safely and efficiently create experiences for others.

Session 4 - Mar and Apr: Event Organization - Putting together events for the middle school community.

Session 5 - May and June: Event Running and Debrief - Run the planned events and debrief about experience with group; Community Blessings - Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishment and challenges of the past year.

Each year the student attends, their skills are further attuned to these foundational LARP and educational subjects. After four years of completion of classes and projects, students will graduate from the program will full recognition. Those who have elected to follow the instructor path will have access to further trainings and we welcome all graduates to discuss how they can stay involved with the community following graduation.


At any point during the year, if a student is going to be missing from program, we ask that parents or the youth notify the L.A.P. staff as soon as possible so we can adjust the attendance accordingly. Email notificiation is the preferred method for both planned absences and last-minute absences (e.g. illness).

Event Fee

Each year we run a celebration adventure for each of our student years - 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year students, as well as our high school students. These events are run over the course of one weekend at our Heroes Journey Event in late April.  As developing and running these events is a core part of the high school curriculum, all youth in the Marshals Academy program are invited and expected to attend the entire weekend event.

Details, including date and cost, will be released near the end of Fall. Please note that the only cost for high schoolers to attend these events will be an optional meal plan for the weekend.

Late Fees

For late pick-ups from program and events, we will be allowing a ten minute grace period after the end of the program or event at no charge. After those ten minutes have elapsed, we will be charging $10 for every five-minute period that the youth is still with us. We assume that high school youth are allowed to leave programming  by themselves unless told otherwise, but this is especially pertinent to events not local to Arlington.

For late payments, we will be incurring a fee of 20% of interest per month after the payment due date. In the event there is no due date posted payment are due within 15 days of service. All event payments are due one week before event start. All summer camps payments are due before registration closes. We highly recommend electronic payments, over check by mail, as they are time stamped and record for both parties. 

We are always flexible to make payment plans as needed, please communicate with us before payments are due. All late payments without communications will be charged.

Graduation Ceremony

Near the end of the school year in June, the entire L.A.P. community comes together for an inter-generational graduation ceremony. During this ceremony, students receive their certificates for completing the year's curriculum. In addition, student talents and accomplishments are showcased for all in attendance. We cordially invite all family members and friends of the youth receiving certificates to attend the event.


Details, including date and time, will be released near the end of Fall. There is no charge for attending the graduation ceremony.