A Brief History of LARP Adventure Program

LARP Adventure Program (L.A.P.), is a arts based community. LAP started in 2000 at the Springfield Museums in Massachusetts. In 2002, L.A.P. came to Boston MA at the Charles River Gym, spending the better part of a year in that community before moving to private programming for families in the Brookline area. Arlington MA became the next important community for L.A.P. through the Arlington Center for the Arts (ACA). It began formal classes in 2006 through the Ottoson Middle School’s afterschool enrichment program, Arlington Enrichment Collaborative (AEC). Now, L.A.P. hosts over 100+ youth  from grades 5th to 12th in the Arlington, Belmont, Winchester area, partnering with other local schools such as the Chenery Middle School and the Acera School for Science, Creativity and Leadership.

L.A.P currently operates five days a week with afterschool  programming for middle school youth, and two evenings a week for high school CIT and leadership training.  LAP runs eight weekend expeditionary educational events a year for youth and teens, as well as day and residential camps during winter, spring and summer vacation breaks.

L.A.P. also offers professional leadership training for adults, college-level internships, and private events / workshops for individuals, families, and community groups.  

Whoever speaks in primordial images speaks with a thousand voices; he enthralls and overpowers . . . he transmutes our personal destiny into the destiny of mankind and evokes in us all these beneficent forces that ever and anon have enabled humanity to find a refuge from every peril and to outlive the longest night.
— - Carl Jung

At LARP Adventure Program we have found that in a nurturing community arts based environment, we can discover our personal legends and develop the foundation for our self-actualization. The LARP Adventure Program event experiences and classroom curriculum explores interdisciplinary arts, multiple intelligence theory, 21st century skills, and, emotional intelligence education. Our approach to community arts and education allows each participant to nurture there authenticity and personal empowerment within a co-creative container. This is done through developing ones persona by self empowerment scaffolding, divergent thinking educational methods, and, fostering ones sense of personal narrative  of self , community and world as a whole.  In short our schools and events teach a new platform for data, communication and education.  We call it Embodied Immersive Narrative Education. 


We Are Imagination

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