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Ministerium I: Origins of the Arcane

  • Camp Middlesex 1031 Erickson Road Ashby, MA, 01431 United States (map)

April 15th to 20th at Camp Middlesex - Ministerium I: Origins of the Arcane



“We all have history. And we all make it” - Aelen Orben,  ‘A Brief History of Etheraz’ Vol. III

What is the nature of magic? One might as well ask what is the nature of man, and the answers would be just as different for each. However, in the lands of Etheraz, one group claims to have the only answer: The Ministirium of Factorum Arcanum, better known as The Ministry. Anywhere great power has been found on Etheraz, the Ministry places themselves in the position of magical enforcers, regulating and controlling the practice to their powerful organization. From the height of the Eldranian Kings, now, to the throne of Leto Lacore, Emperor of Aletheia. Journey into the heart of this organization, where youth who exhibit strong magical potential have been taken from their families and placed into the Sparhawk Academy, overlooking the sleepy town of Evenda. Encounter legendary heroes and villains, making their first moves in a dangerous game of power. Discover the dark secrets that turned the Ministry from a force for good, to a corrupt vessel for evil. Discover the origins of Arcane. Discover what it means to be a hero. The sequel series to the beloved Fire’s Dawn story is coming. The question is, are you ready?

This is a "flash black event" where participants explore the history of the fantasy world of Etheraz by role playing important historical figures. In this immersive setting, we learn that history is created by a collection of perspectives. In some cases, the historical record is altered or forgotten, and we must discover the truth by living it. We must become a detective, and use our intellect and emotional intelligence to collect artifacts, observe cultures and clues, and gain multiple perspectives in order to find our own truth.

This event will be a five day residential vacation experience for ages 10+. It will be a mixture of event time and workshops, culminating in a 24-hour in-game period!


Middle School - Player Character (PC) = $1050.00 ($800.00 for the week, plus meal plan $250.00) 

  • Includes sleeping space in a cabin, supervision, workshop materials, character building workshops and event. This ticket is for youth ages 9 to 14.

High School - Special Player Character (SPC) = $1050 ($800.00 for the week, plus meal plan $250.00)

  • Includes sleeping space in acabin, leadership training, workshop materials, pre-event prep, character building workshops, private mods and event. This ticket is for youth ages 14-18.
  • You will be assigned one of seven major historical roles of the Ministrium class (Maze Hodaraz, Solamar, Ignatius Theoporous, Tolera, Draconis, Sylvian or Lambert). You will receive a character outline narrative with goals and directives. Event staff will support you and your characters story arch as pc are lead by you to adventure and mystery. These ticket are highly recommended for those whom have attended many larp events and are comfortable with role play and interacting with others.  

High School - Non-Player Character (NPC) = $850.00 ($600.00 for the week, plus meal plan $250.00)

  • Included sleeping space in a cabin, leadership immersive embodied training, access to operational equipment, weekly pre-event training and event. Requires application form. This ticket is for youth ages 14 to 18. Must be 14+ years old with marshal training in order to NPC this event!

All ticket sales end on April 8th.

Special Add-On: SOCIETY OF THE SOLSTICE, includes physical letter inviting character/youth to personal quest-line at the event and a quality prop. Will run once during each week, youth may sign up for one or both. Takes place in addition to, not in place of any other activities. - $125.00

There will be no at-door registration for this event. All payments must be made through our online storefront. If you are in need of special payment arrangements, please contact the office at ASAP.


All participants must fill out an Event Registration Form - it will launch after adding this product to your cart.
If not already a member, please fill out appropriate Membership Form: Youth or Adult.

Youth wishing to participate as an NPC / CIT must fill out an NPC / CIT application form in conjunction with their regular registration. 

Camp Middlesex
1031 Erickson Road
Ashby, MA 01431

Gender-separated sleeping areas with electricity, running water, in-door bathrooms and shower access. Large outdoor fire pit, stream with small waterfalls and rapids, multiple structures across site and more. For further details see

All staff members are CORI/SORI checked and have 4+ years of LARP experience with First Aid, CPR, CERT, EMT certifications and more among them.


Camp check-in will be on Sunday, April 15th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Late arrivals may have to wait to be checked-in by staff members.
Camp check-out will be on Friday, April 20th, from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. Late departures may be charged late fees. 

All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine.

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