In the North VI : Dissonance of Kings
to Jan 21

In the North VI : Dissonance of Kings

The lands of the Khans have become a Kingdom of Death with the Lich Gjatol Gjuetar as it’s unliving King. The tales of the refugees told a story of utter death and destruction, however not all is dead in the Lands of the Khans. The fortress receives a mysterious letter bearing the seal of House Gjuetar, the letter claims that Khan Gjuetar has retaken his kingdom and demands the scions of noble families in the Fortress be delivered to him. Khan refugees claim to have dreams from the god Hjotir of Khans surviving in the Eastmount mountains, and a White Stag is seen in the woods of the Fortress. Then as the first Snows begin to fall around the Fortress a Raven arrives from the North, battered and near death it carries a horn engraved with runes calling for help and aid. From it’s beak come the words “The last of the Children of Hjotir shelter in the Stag Court, sent help before we are lost. So once again the Keepers prepare the portals needed for the journey North, heroes don their furs and prepare to confront the King of the North

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