Description: Discover your Personal Legend! A high school program that employs project-based learning to teach individuals how to become active community members through transformational leadership through drama. We work with special event skills, personal and community mental health, self discovery through the community arts, old world traditions and community activism. We also cover black belt curriculum to nurture mental and physical skills for self-actualization. Participants of this program are expected to work on community projects and hold themselves to a balanced personal moral standard.

Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings; 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday afternoons.
Location (Afternoon): Arlington Center for the Arts, 41 Foster Street, Arlington MA 02474
Location (Evening): Arlington Senior Center, 27 Maple Street, Arlington MA 02476
Cost: $250 per day for each two-month session, discounts may apply for multi-day or recurring registration.

Programming at the Evenda Marshals Academy runs three times a week in the evenings (and one in the afternoon) during the regular academic school year. Each class offers a unique focus and a different curriculum, with experience appropriate materials for varying experience levels. Participation also makes an individual eligible for the C.I.T. program at the middle school level.

Monday Afternoons - LARP Story: A co-curricular class focusing on roleplay modules and participation in the story, youth will have the opportunity to regularly interact with their character's storyline and help create the storylines of their classmates. Should be paired with at least one core-curriculum class. Class open to ages 10+ and all experience levels. This is a mixed middle-school and high-school class.

Monday Evenings - Black Belt Training: For those high schoolers interested in pursuing martial arts at a higher level than offered in the regular curriculum. This course offers a black belt level training with Head Instructor Eric Love that will eventually lead to a certification of equivalency for Bagwa black belt. Highly recommended course for those interested in the instructor path and also excellent for those seeking self-discipline and personal development. Class open to ages 14+ with prior martial arts or L.A.P. curriculum experience.

Tuesday Evenings - So You Want to Be a Hero: An advanced curriculum for youths interested in exploring community leadership and activism through personal development and transformation. Ideal for youths looking to expand leadership skills and exploring LARP as a transformational tool. Should be paired with the standard High School LARP class and participation in the C.I.T. program is highly encouraged. Class open to ages 14+ with prior L.A.P. curriculum experience.

Wednesday Evenings - Core Curriculum: A continuation of the Evenda Heroes Academy curriculum that explores how to create the LARP environment and support others in the LARP experience. Throughout the year, youth will learn to build immersive environments based on sensory knowledge, experience the technical aspects of theatre performance, further develop acting and improvisation skills, and collaborate with their peers to create and put on a full event at the end of the year. Class open to ages 14+ with prior L.A.P. curriculum experience, others are welcome but should inquire with L.A.P. to determine suitability.