Infection : Redux

  • Camp Denison 84 Nelson St. Georgetown, MA 01833 USA

July 8th to 9th at Camp Denison - Infection : Redux


Just days after the 4th of July the staff of Camp Denison are throwing the camp's 25th anniversary. What promises to be an evening of good times and barbecuing draws all sorts of people to the site, camp counselors, parents, campers, and friends.

You are cordially invited to the 25th Anniversary Party for Camp Denison! Campers, counselors, and friends from the past 25 years of Camp Denison will return to camp for a fun-filled evening - stay in the cabins of your youth and reunite with old campmates. Activities begin Saturday afternoon and will conclude at brunch on Sunday! Relive the experience of camp. Resharpen your archery skills! Play a round or two of manhunt! See if you're still the crackshot you were in the gun range! RSVP now to reserve your bunk for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This event is a full-immersion survival horror game that uses spring powered Airsoft props and padded boffer props to represent real weaponry. All participants are REQUIRED to wear at a minimum safety goggles than will withstand impact from an airsoft prop. Survival horror content may not be suitable for all audiences. Ages 18+ minimum to PC, 16+ for NPCs with explicit parental permission as well as Game Staff approval.

Note: This event takes place in the infection world at the same time as Infection 1, but we will be assuming infection 1 happened in 2017 instead of 2012 to prevent anachronisms. 



Standard Registration valid from April 24th to July 1st - $60

At Door Registration, placement cannot be guaranteed- $80

All payments must be made through our online storefront here. If you are in need of special payment arrangements, please contact the office at ASAP.

(Keep in mind that we will have a store at the door where you my purchase paintball guns, safety goggles and other themed offerings. Cash and credit card accepted on site.)


All participants must fill out an Event Registration Form - it will launch after adding this product to your cart.

If not already a member, please fill out appropriate Membership Form: Youth or Adult.



Camp Denison
84 Nelson St.
Georgetown, MA 01833



Site includes 44 acres of woods and trails at a beautiful lakeside campground. Structures include cabins (8 per cabin) with electricity, a main lodge with fireplace and electricity, mess hall and heated den, full kitchen (staff only), multiple camping sites, outdoor fire pit, flushing toilets and running water.

No kitchen access is provided, meals are not provided, water is not provided.

You can only bring what you can carry.  We recommend a backpack, sleeping bag and perhaps a hang bag.  Think like your only taking carry on onto a airplane.  You will need to carry your gear into and out of this event.  This includes food.  Heated blankets or small space heaters are recommended. We will have water provided at sites but recommend you bring your own water bottle or similar.

All staff members are CORI/SORI checked and have 4+ years of LARP experience with First Aid, CPR, CERT, EMT certifications and more among them. For further information on staff, see here.



Theme camps are groups of participants who will be entering the game with a common theme and adding a creative contribution to the event and the community. Examples include camps that provide food, music, entertainment, protection, etc. to others. No services provided by theme camps may cost real world money, but they are welcome to barter/charge for in-game goods and services. To register as a theme camp leader, please contact the event organizers at



Event check-in will be on Saturday, July 8th, at 12:00 p.m. Late arrivals may have to wait to be check-in by staff members and are not encouraged.
Event check-out will be on Sunday, July 9th, at 12:00 p.m. Late departures are not allowed, please be prompt with exodus.

All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine.