Legends of the Stars - Run 3
to Nov 18

Legends of the Stars - Run 3

On the very edge of known space Faros mining and Orientation Station quietly collects Thread fuel from singularity DS111182. It has gone unnoticed by all beyond crew since its completion many years ago. After so much time being ignored it is quickly gaining notice all across the galaxy.

Three days ago the station sent out a warning and call for help.  A large relic ship is approaching and they have little defense of their own.  On this station are a few loyal to the Miathe and Sidhe causes.  They too sent out a transmission calling for their orders to come and see this amazing artifact that is approaching the station at a fast pace.

These messages have reached both Orders, and in turn the Orders have selected members to go investigate this possible treasure.  You have been selected to investigate this phenomenon. .  With the help of your companions you will change the fate of the universe forever. What will you do? Will you take this secret power for your Order, or will it fall into the hands on your enemies?  Will the Galactic Consortium send a team to take what is rightfully Danann, or will this ancient ship be destroyed?

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Infection : Redux III - Family Reunion
to Jun 24

Infection : Redux III - Family Reunion

June 23rd to 24th at Camp Denison  

Infection : Redux III - Family Reunion

As the months feel like they grow longer and a can of soup is something you might consider killing for, anyone who still survives in New England keeps those they trust even closer to them than before. Over this time the Nordone Family, a powerful Italian-American clan based out of the Bronx in New York, has maintained its bonds among the members. News travels that the Middlesex County House of Corrections in North Billerica, thought to be a bastion of safety in these times, had been overrun and it’s previous inhabitants have scatter into the surrounding area.

“Oh man that guy isn’t looking to great. Say if you can make it out to Camp Denison there's all these guys that came from that prison that got overrun. Totally wasn’t expecting it but they’re wicked helpful, patched me up when I got shot. If you ever get in a jam get your ass over to that camp, seriously I never thought anyone helped like that anymore…”

While the story may change or details might vary one way or another you hear rumors of a group working in the area surrounding Camp Denison. Whether you are seeking their aid or perhaps to make use of their kindness for your own gain you strike out in the direction of the once abandoned campsite.

This event is a full-immersion survival horror game that uses spring powered air soft props and padded boffer props to represent real weaponry. All participants are REQUIRED to wear at a minimum safety goggles that will withstand impact from an air soft prop. Air soft safety glasses or impact resistant glasses are preferred. Lab goggles, sunglasses, or ski goggles are not ideal. There will be approved goggles for sale at the door of the event. Survival horror content may not be suitable for all audiences. Ages 18+ minimum to PC, 16+ for NPCs with explicit parental permission as well as Game Staff approval.

Following purchasing a ticket you will receive an email containing the game play guide that will be used for the event as well as a link to a google form asking for some information about your character so our Game Staff can get a better idea about who you plan on playing and what your characters story is.

Note: This event takes place in the Infection world at the same time as Infection 1, but we will be assuming Infection 1 happened in 2017 instead of 2012 to prevent anachronisms. Any current events that occurred post July 8th 2017 are very likely not to have occurred, shy of weather events or natural disasters. 

Standard Registration valid from March 1st to June 15th - $60
At Door Registration, placement cannot be guaranteed- $80

All payments must be made through our online storefront here. If you are in need of special payment arrangements, please contact the office at larpadventureprogram@gmail.com ASAP.

(Keep in mind that we will have a store at the door where you my purchase safety goggles and other themed offerings. Cash and credit card accepted on site.)

All participants must fill out an Event Registration Form - it will launch after adding this product to your cart.If not already a member, please fill out appropriate Membership Form: Youth or Adult.

Camp Denison
84 Nelson Street
Georgetown, MA, 01833

Enjoy 44 acres of woods and trails, lake side view, use of lake for swimming and rafting, and, rustic lodge.
Site includes: Main lodge with fireplace, with heat, electricity. Mess hall and den, camp sites, cabins, outdoor fire pit, flushing toilets, outside showers and running water.
No kitchen access is provided, meals are not provided, water will be available in the Lodge and outdoor fountains

You can only bring what you can carry.  We recommend a backpack, sleeping bag and perhaps a hand bag.  Think like your only taking carry-on onto a airplane.  You will need to carry your gear into and out of this event.  This includes food.  Heated blankets or small space heaters are recommended. We will have water provided at sites but recommend you bring your own water bottle or similar.

All staff members are CORI/SORI checked and have 4+ years of LARP experience with First Aid, CPR, CERT, EMT certifications and more among them. For further information on staff, see here.

Theme camps are groups of participants who will be entering the game with a common theme and adding a creative contribution to the event and the community. Examples include camps that provide food, music, entertainment, protection, etc. to others. No services provided by theme camps may cost real world money, but they are welcome to barter/charge for in-game goods and services. To register as a theme camp leader, please contact the event organizers at larpadventureprogram@gmail.com.

Event check-in will be on Saturday, June 23rd, at 12:00 p.m. Late arrivals may have to wait to be check-in by staff members and are not encouraged.
Event check-out will be on Sunday, June 24th, at 12:00 p.m. Late departures are not allowed, please be prompt with exodus.

All payments are non-refundable, you are purchasing a ticket to an event. This event will run rain or shine.

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